lia                                                         (Photo By: Artematizando)


Am I the only one who thought  this could be possible
For years we have been together
Since everything is under the dusky room
Yet you rain the joy upon my silent days
Friend of yours with hidden admiration
You don’t know how lovely you are
There may be a denial act
That you won’t believe to my undertone voice
Giving in may not be the choice
Instead I take the chances that may lure you back
But being hectic is who you are
Despite of those I still think you are beautiful
Like your simplest glance upon my dead body
When you turn your back my smile goes beyond
But why is it that I’m the only one who has a vision for both of us
Or is it the ego that brings anxiety
To further declare and let fate be
The prospect that you are not meant for me
Due to our superior differences
Why is it that I truly adore the vast of your luminous eyes
An aspect of yours could be deceiving
Until now I try to see myself into your eyes
The least of my worth has gone invisible to you
Even if I will be a travesty
I will uplift you more than  diamonds crawling around
I will rain flowers that perfectly fits to your name
To bring out the best in me
And slaughter myself to sleep





(Photo By: 505)

She lives in a graceful place
Treading along the perspective race
As I, the creature who will be dazed
By the edge of her skin and her pleasing face

It is the least that I can do for the best
Like catching silhouette of hers from the west
Yet her animated shadow sometimes exists on the east
Through her hectic days, she is ticking away within her tainted wrist

She could never hear
When I get carried away by fear
Even if I get a grip, she feeds herself with satisfaction
There is ceaseless will beyond desperation

Light up the screen, let me turn on her eyes
Though it is slurred, a travesty could have been wise
If I entertain her faith and sell my secrets
She could be my future renegade apart from our regrets

Wait for me to say what is meant to be heard
As I kneel on the ground, it could be absurd
Wait for the moon will descend in patience
And let the sun enlighten her trust upon my flickered presence


(Photo By: An Diorior)

You cut loose the shadow in front
Pouring a heavier voice as rant
Scream until the dread leave
To give away and believe

Resurrecting the ghost in you
Amending the untrue
That imprisoned you from everything  you do
And pinned you upon the shades of blue

It turns out, the waves pull you under
The grim sky becomes stronger
And the weight inside you will not conquer
Her attention will be taken by the vulture then what comes after

Another fictional attempt vanishes
Toward  the confession in her lonely dress
She might hear the silence of yours
By catalyzing ardent discourse

But it is better if you do not sink into your lungs
Like stars, you could constellate feeble tongues
Respire your secrets onto her playful lips
Until the light over your heads will not flicker and eclipse

Florid eyes under the whisky room

Of all the uncertainties I went through
A plague rages against the pieces that is torn down
Leaning on the moon while these stars frown
A permanent contradiction in everything I do

The blame has sent its wishes upon me
Assembling all the mistakes buried from the dusk
Few regard the impurity by conceited lust
Conforming the silence as my greatest anxiety

Drowning under the broken light
Die for a day and dwell in the other half
Heading toward wonderland for the bare laugh
A paradise to seek before the end of the night

When my eyes cave in
And truth be told
Been chasing stones instead of gold
The waste of repentance turning into sin

Questions were still left unanswered
To compliment my body with distress
Along the distrust inside my flesh
To throw my remarks even though it is slurred

Like birds whose wings are fragile
They will fly away triggered by the sound
A sign of hysteria roaming around
Humans could fall within the voiceless world for awhile

Creature in his own ways
Seduced by many wonderful things
Hence the black skies make heavy wings
To drag me away from the stars I want to gaze

So come rain on my parade
Do not let my mind cross beyond the edge
Yet the shadow is already sitting upon the ledge
Where all these dreams are coming to an end and fade

I will save you

I would lie if I have to
Sole chance for the unknown two
Could be better or the worst
You will live while I face the curse

I would adore the fallacy
And set ourselves free
No matter how much we put ourselves in danger
Nevertheless there may be a surprise in a manger

For the ease, I sacrifice
For the ease, I suffice
For the ease, I will fend
For you until the end

Let me sink, you stride upon my back
For you shall not suffer nor be racked
You would not worry once, You will not feel a thing
For my tongue I dismantle the truth and paint your wings

My life may be worn out
But your heart will captivate the dead inside my body

Radiant Clouds

(Photo By: An Diorior)

Do not close your eyes
Face it, there will be cataclysm
That is how the world brings trials
We are fooled by malicious fate
Taming our necks like dogs for amusement
So far from the edge
We are only lying upon the ledge
For us to see the clouds above
Ascending the peak while we defy low ground

Not swallowing weariness until we leash the odds and grasp contentment.

The Poet’s Debt (Lost)


(Photo By: Eccedentesiast)

It is I who always overhear myself
A long spare of chance turns into waste
Intractable hands linger the habit
Come upon by the execution of exalting
Conceited will and hiding the ember
Inscribes the truth behind invalid excuses
While uttering reasons without justification
This is what passion can do
Binds you among the scattered chains
It is gift but it is a curse
Howling inside the hearse
Enclosed with unbreakable windows
It is the poet who always feeds the people with aesthetic words
They praise exterior fascination
Yet the sense had been imprisoned so no one can introspect
At the end of the day, the blame is mine alone

I am a prisoner to my equipped silence.

The Poet’s Debt (Regrets)

(Photo By: Eccedentesiast)

A glimpse of consequences
Saving these words could be a choice
Far from the truth, the poet fathoms misconception
Scarce blood, hollow body
clamped to his passion
But his words will not save him
Beyond the voyage would propose a proposition
Admiration and confession, he never did
Until the skeleton inside thaws
The secrets’ residue flicker in desparation
He lives in a life of a dead
Life is but a dream for the dead
Bound within his modesty and silence

Time stands still.