lia                                                     (Photo By: Artematizando)


Am I the only one who thought  this could be possible
For years we have been together
Since everything is under the dusky room
Yet you rain the joy upon my silent days
Friend of yours with hidden admiration
You don’t know how lovely you are
There may be a denial act
That you won’t believe to my undertone voice
Giving in may not be the choice
Instead I take the chances that may lure you back
But being hectic is who you are
Despite of those I still think you are beautiful
Like your simplest glance upon my dead body
When you turn your back my smile goes beyond
But why is it that I’m the only one who has a vision for both of us
Or is it the ego that brings anxiety
To further declare and let fate be
The prospect that you are not meant for me
Due to our superior differences
Why is it that I truly adore the vast of your luminous eyes
An aspect of yours could be deceiving
Until now I try to see myself into your eyes
The least of my worth has gone invisible to you
Even if I will be a travesty
I will uplift you more than  diamonds crawling around
I will rain flowers that perfectly fits to your name
To bring out the best in me
And slaughter myself to sleep



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