The day we first met


(Photo By: Artematizando)

You were the one who bound me within your confessions
When we first met, it was a raining haze in front my eyes
Filled with sand around my empty shadow
By touch, you had caught me somewhere in your maze
Wandered the life that you have
Since you were the perfect constellation,
I had wished that I would linger beside your light
And commit onto your stars
Against the galaxy, there was a lost star who complemented your sole star
Then my reflection became nothing
I’m only a speck of dust
In desperation I held despairing lust
The ink upon your hands could whisper
And I could see a river of tears from your weary eyes
I will come running if you wanted me to redeem you;
Without your voice I would bust through your walls
Save you from your deceitful regrets
And I would rain on your parade
If you are about to disappear
Just let your body lean beside mine
But worry not for it is my only concern
That I could exalt you more than your misery
This love won’t mean a thing
Until your chest would bail your heart bleeding
And that is the time you’ll chase someone and I would accept your grief
You will not be heard but you will be listened
All the blame towards yourself will be amended in quickest pace
I have known your daily dose of your nightmares; these lanterns might prevail the dimmest stares
Where you hide the most
Knowing there is a glimpse of skin hanging upon your face
Those sleepless nights of yours have made you alive
For a reason it has to be faced rather than you whimper in your sleep
I would rant the moon when your scars won’t seem to ignite
Feed yourself with tears from your river
And your lips will have been longing the salt after the taste you have leaped into

Forget me and the city I’ve lived yet don’t forget yourself
I will always be your thread to lift your wishes above
It’s always the moon who grants spark to our yearning composure

And I’ll simply whisper:

“Hey moon don’t you ever go down for her sinking dreams,
Drown your anchor underneath and her ship will be ascended once again”

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