The day we first met


(Photo By: Artematizando)

You were the one who bound me within your confessions
When we first met, it was a raining haze in front my eyes
Filled with sand around my empty shadow
By touch, you had caught me somewhere in your maze
Wandered the life that you have
Since you were the perfect constellation,
I had wished that I would linger beside your light
And commit onto your stars
Against the galaxy, there was a lost star who complemented your sole star
Then my reflection became nothing
I’m only a speck of dust
In desperation I held despairing lust
The ink upon your hands could whisper
And I could see a river of tears from your weary eyes
I will come running if you wanted me to redeem you;
Without your voice I would bust through your walls
Save you from your deceitful regrets
And I would rain on your parade
If you are about to disappear
Just let your body lean beside mine
But worry not for it is my only concern
That I could exalt you more than your misery
This love won’t mean a thing
Until your chest would bail your heart bleeding
And that is the time you’ll chase someone and I would accept your grief
You will not be heard but you will be listened
All the blame towards yourself will be amended in quickest pace
I have known your daily dose of your nightmares; these lanterns might prevail the dimmest stares
Where you hide the most
Knowing there is a glimpse of skin hanging upon your face
Those sleepless nights of yours have made you alive
For a reason it has to be faced rather than you whimper in your sleep
I would rant the moon when your scars won’t seem to ignite
Feed yourself with tears from your river
And your lips will have been longing the salt after the taste you have leaped into

Forget me and the city I’ve lived yet don’t forget yourself
I will always be your thread to lift your wishes above
It’s always the moon who grants spark to our yearning composure

And I’ll simply whisper:

“Hey moon don’t you ever go down for her sinking dreams,
Drown your anchor underneath and her ship will be ascended once again”

The night over the dimmest questions

(Photo By: Artematizando)

The night precedes before your weariness
Prevailing fireflies and wishes
Upon the ceiling where the sparks conspire your corpse
No condemnation comes between desire and hope
Secrets has to be held forth for the solemn confession
Because these are the vows were left unsaid
Shadows are only singing the dire venture
Risk could be taken in the midst of despair
But faith can reap the gold in lightless moment
You lean on the stars whispering,
Is this the irony of a dream?
Throwing in the touch of indulgence
And this dream would only leave you a river
A river of tears from the waterfall of yours
Yet the moon can understand the struggle within
Swallowing your voice though hollow from the inside
At the level of your peak delusion
Is where you could raze vampires
Bare feet on the ground, honed hands
You will tread through boulders and berges
Before the ghost in you wakes up
The coldest night may bring downpour
By judicious heart, it beats in rhythm
After the silence, you will dwell and redeem your voice at the fore yarn of reality
Your voice will have been sent toward someone’s half satisfaction
And you”ll say to yourself

“My secret belongs to you dear”

The Queen’s Servant

(Photo By: Artematizando)

He has a friend whose lips were petals of amusement
She has been longing the salt on her skin
Like her fingers travel to different places
He thought it was a coquettish way seeing his friend grasping attentions
Merely it was only her icon
He had an ardent adoration toward his friend
Before he was ignorant and intoxicated
Until he found out that she was already taken by the king
And he, the soldier, had accepted the truth
He would try to seek another love that he is looking for
After battling with himself, he is once again sober and fit
Now he guards his friend like a queen
He cares for her magical charisma that
Such barbarians could disrespect hence she could be taken for granted
He could break himself into pieces just to keep her intact
But he doesn’t even know how to perceive their actual picture
He treats her as a sister, a queen and a trusted comrade
Yet he had thought for once
He painted himself and the queen living together in perpetual daydream
Still there was never a mutual resemblance
Yearning the affection, chasing gold in between
Despite thousands of confusions
He cherishes the kindness of the queen
She would join and cope with the soldier’s hardship
Calmed and overwhelmed
For impelling the soldier to clutch his grit
Condone the unknown while treading toward the awaited future
The queen and the soldier remain connected
Whereas the soldier was empowered by the queen’s embracement
The hindmost isolation is coming through
They part ways as if it is needed along the mortal change
His farewell gratitude will put the later tale in reminiscence

“Thank you my dear comrade”

Good Times (Smiles and Laughters)

(Photo By: Artematizando)

We suffered from the walls caving in
Knowing the downside of the truth can break your heart
Spoken words into regrets
Remember how I declared that I could succeed against stones and boulders
It was only a dream for the dead
My comraderies, united within the sea of bloods
There was one who feared separation
There was one who was drowning in dread
There was one who was feeding himself with alcohol and tears
And I said, tears are made for fools
Once they find out that they are wasting every inch of their skin
It sheds in immediate pace
Remembering the exact recollection:
It was living inside her head possessed by a sudden raindrops
Her ember of innocence became hollow as she blamed herself
She wanted herself to become an anchor
Not letting her own hero sink despite
That she held her breathe once and I tried to conspire against her chest
Slaughtering the burden inside and building her faith back
Life has been waging the weight of an ardent paradise
I was the sky and they were the clouds
Different shades, incandescent sentiments
Filled with frustration toward second chances
When we left because we thought it could but it can’t
When we cried because it seems impossible to go through the wild
Although we freed ourselves from the low light
Those were the days we owned the nights
Wander like we are lost in silence
For it is your unblemished time to stand up on behalf of your cherished past
We would lie underneath the same sun like flowers bloom after frail catastrophes
We are the solidified strays of stars shining through the dark
As we will run as one
And regain bare laughters and bare smiles from the bottom of the deep endSomeday all wishes will have been granted among the sincerest wolves whispering desire and affection

Good Times (The Suffering)


(Photo By: Artematizando)

I was sober upon the hollow silhouettes
Never doubted what fate could bring
Catastrophes and rainbows ahead
In the middle of the flight
Where I bound myself along comraderies
Sea of faces, sea of minds
They sung in bliss while raising bottles
Enclosed with a bonfire
Under in our own differences
We settled to the point
Where we should never leave behind
In spite our free will have already cursed
Time may come we would end up in strays
We would end up broken
We would end up anguished
Time stood still like the way it did before
Doomsday has brought the agony
Until we purge ourselves
And disremember of what we have
The pain will never go away

Panic Hearts

(Photo By: An Drior)

That kind of stare
Is a trap created by someone’s snare
The cursed wind that makes him stumble
Where it seems to be impossible
The unusual occasion passes through his eyes
Becomes ascendant and high
With a bare feet
To unleash himself from a deceit
After all, he was already attached
He wanted her fingertips to be touched
While his hands are dying to rave
He would plead to seek her face and make himself a slave

Good Times

(Photo By: Artematizando)

Good times have been the melody in our hearts
Not only from our voices to be heard
The affection always arouses
In the low light where we start picking hints
Never ending laughters, chasing smiles one another
Days are meant to seek within our ceaseless will
We could feed ourselves with joy
We could feed ourselves with grit
And we could feed ourselves with faith
Promise me not to break your heart
If things will fall from the start
Promise not to abandon the divided puzzles
For us to fulfill the later dreams
This waves may pull us under
But we can swim through the shore and witness gracious sky