The day we first met

(Photo By: Artematizando) You were the one who bound me within your confessions When we first met, it was a raining haze in front my eyes Filled with sand around my empty shadow By touch, you had caught me somewhere in your maze Wandered the life that you have Since you were the perfect constellation, I had wished that I would linger beside your light And commit onto your stars Against the galaxy, there was a lost star who complemented your sole star Then my reflection became nothing I’m only a speck of dust In desperation I held despairing lust … Continue reading The day we first met

The Queen’s Servant

(Photo By: Artematizando) He has a friend whose lips were petals of amusement She has been longing the salt on her skin Like her fingers travel to different places He thought it was a coquettish way seeing his friend grasping attentions Merely it was only her icon He had an ardent adoration toward his friend Before he was ignorant and intoxicated Until he found out that she was already taken by the king And he, the soldier, had accepted the truth He would try to seek another love that he is looking for After battling with himself, he is once … Continue reading The Queen’s Servant

Good Times (Smiles and Laughters)

(Photo By: Artematizando) We suffered from the walls caving in Knowing the downside of the truth can break your heart Spoken words into regrets Remember how I declared that I could succeed against stones and boulders It was only a dream for the dead My comraderies, united within the sea of bloods There was one who feared separation There was one who was drowning in dread There was one who was feeding himself with alcohol and tears And I said, tears are made for fools Once they find out that they are wasting every inch of their skin It sheds … Continue reading Good Times (Smiles and Laughters)

Panic Hearts

(Photo By: An Drior) That kind of stare Is a trap created by someone’s snare The cursed wind that makes him stumble Where it seems to be impossible The unusual occasion passes through his eyes Becomes ascendant and high With a bare feet To unleash himself from a deceit After all, he was already attached He wanted her fingertips to be touched While his hands are dying to rave He would plead to seek her face and make himself a slave Continue reading Panic Hearts