The night over the dimmest questions

(Photo By: Artematizando)

The night precedes before your weariness
Prevailing fireflies and wishes
Upon the ceiling where the sparks conspire your corpse
No condemnation comes between desire and hope
Secrets has to be held forth for the solemn confession
Because these are the vows were left unsaid
Shadows are only singing the dire venture
Risk could be taken in the midst of despair
But faith can reap the gold in lightless moment
You lean on the stars whispering,
Is this the irony of a dream?
Throwing in the touch of indulgence
And this dream would only leave you a river
A river of tears from the waterfall of yours
Yet the moon can understand the struggle within
Swallowing your voice though hollow from the inside
At the level of your peak delusion
Is where you could raze vampires
Bare feet on the ground, honed hands
You will tread through boulders and berges
Before the ghost in you wakes up
The coldest night may bring downpour
By judicious heart, it beats in rhythm
After the silence, you will dwell and redeem your voice at the fore yarn of reality
Your voice will have been sent toward someone’s half satisfaction
And you”ll say to yourself

“My secret belongs to you dear”

The Poet’s Debt


(Photo By: Eccedentesiast)

The quill shows its passion toward the page
In spite of tainted ink
Neither heaven nor hell
Hinders upon the words of the poet
If the sky would fall then writings on the wall could cease the light

As the ardent discourse abides

The afterglow of vivid expression